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deliver competitive customer strategy

category vision & strategy

A compelling selling story that ensures initiatives land faster, better and with customer support to grow ahead of the competition. Drive increased volume share and profit through a compelling category growth story with a clear view of category attractiveness and effectiveness. Ensure you understand shopper barriers to category purchase and leverage category shopper understanding to bespoke in-store solutions to support category growth. Equip your teams with the category strategy tools they need to succeed with channels and customers.

compelling commercial propositions

A simple and clear approach to developing and presenting propositions to customers; to deliver volume share and profit more quickly and effectively. Create better presented commercial propositions that are actioned by customers and retailers. Our ‘strategy into action’ framework can be used across all channels and customers to create differentiated commercial selling propositions that influence shoppers and compel retailers to action the solution at the point of purchase and/ or consumption.

successful customer strategy

Deliver customer and key account plans that are strategically aligned, commercially compelling and that will deliver the desired results. Ensure you don’t rely disproportionately on category, brand or product based plans – create insight based collaborative and strategic customer plans which will transform the commercial engagement with your customers and step change the relevance and execution capability of your business.

joint business planning

Exceed  your modern retail customer business ambitions with joint business planning for mutual category growth that satisfies your shoppers, profitably. Engage your teams productively in category based joint business planning –  a complementary way of working to grow your categories and brands with modern retailers aligning customer and category insights into mutual business development priorities for long term sustainable and mutual profitable growth.



revenue management & optimised trade terms

We facilitate a coherent and defensible process designed to optimise trade terms, price, product mix and promotional spend in order to maximise margin and/or profitable growth. Our approach and structure is consistent with portfolio, category, channel , brand and customer planning to ensure that your brands are supported in store and are self funding through growth and improved efficiency and rewards customers on this basis.

distributor strategy & management

Improve distributor strategy, management and effectiveness to support your company and brand business planning and results. Our proven successful framework can be used across multiple markets to manage distributors effectively, enhance team performance and drive better business results. Make the right strategic choices selecting the right partners and manage and monitor distributor performance in a mutually beneficial and transparent way.



route to market : profitable expanded growth

Profitable Expanded Growth (P.E.G) is a globally proven, pragmatic approach that identifies new  volume opportunities, effective and efficient distribution and coverage and activation. It works in both modern and traditional trade and across geographies. Grow consumption and increase purchases by enabling and embedding in your organisation the capability to sustainably use insights, tools and approaches to identify, prioritise and build distribution profitably. Our approach is highly practical and pragmatic, focusing on the critical analysis for sustainable profitable business growth.