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increase shopper buying & consumer consumption

leveraging Insight

Winning category, channel, customer, shopper and consumer strategy and performance through the application of superior insight. Ensure you have a proven successful commercial process to integrate insights into your every day working;  to influence buying behaviour and grow consumption.

ideation & Innovation

Ideation and innovation; translating ideas into products and services to deliver sustainable profit and growth. This means you have a sustainable ideation process for generating new ideas; an innovation process aligned to a clear innovation agenda to support your business and category vision and strategy and a healthy innovation funnel.

portfolio & brand growth

Identify and leverage portfolio and brand growth using a powerful process we call ‘Growth Opportunity Roadmap’. This differentiates consumer and shopper core growth behaviours to highlight growth opportunity areas, key growth drivers and the growth potential for each portfolio and brand opportunity.

shopper marketing

Use the principles of the Weben “Consumer Shopper Journey” to create differentiated shopper led solutions based on shopper insight; for measureable increases in buying frequency, weight of purchase and per capita consumer consumption.